Let Samia Be Your Guide To Create Inner Peace

Samia courageously talks about her own journey of surviving child sexual abuse to now leading a thriving life full of inner peace & happiness. Her example will inspire you to believe in your own ability to be “peace over violence”. Let Samia be your guide to create inner peace to world peace now.

– Patricia Giggans
Executive Director Of Peace Over Violence, a Social Service Agency Working to Eliminate Sexual, Domestic and All Forms of Interpersonal Violence

Be A Change-Peacemaker … Read This Book!

In these troubling times Samia Bano has written a book that assists the reader to drive away hate with love, to expose injustice with compassion, to transform those who are deemed as enemies into friends…Real sustainable change is possible by changing people’s hearts, starting with your own. Be a change-peace maker… read this book!

Founder and President of The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out, an Interfaith Non-Profit Organization

The Step-By-Step Process For Creating Change

Are you ready to stop struggling to create change in your life & the world? The step-by-step process for creating change that is laid out in this book is grounded in the best scientific research on the most effective methods of creating social & personal change. If you apply the learning of this book you will find it fun & easy to create massive positive change in your life and the world.

Executive Director Of the Transformative Action Institute, An Award-Winning Social Enterprise Training the Next Generation of ChangeMakers

Super Interactive, Fun and Intriguing Ideas!

Super interactive, fun and intriguing ideas! Learning about the three principles of transformative action made a lot of connections and finally it all clicks…. And this was just an introduction! I loved how relevant the teachings are to today’s climate. I am starting to see how changing the world can be fun and easy!

– Tasneem Noor
Author of “The Faith Connection”, Participant of the ‘How To Change The World With Love Workshop’

The Training Fills a Void Many of Us are Feeling

Samia is such an engaging presence with a clear passion for guiding people to reach their potential for making the world a better place. The training fills a void many of us are feeling given the point at which we find our country. I hope that we all will increase our power to use love to change our relationships and our world. Samia can take us there!

– Karen Mack
Founder & Executive Director of LA Commons, Participant of the ‘How To Change The World With Love Workshop’

I Feel So Much More Confident

I feel so much more confident…my self-esteem is so much better…I notice that I don’t have negative words coming in my head any more and if they do I catch them right away…the biggest part is that the tools are a part of me now…they are part of my lifestyle…

– Linda Patel
Happiness 101 Student in San Francisco, CA

Going Through This Process … Made Me Connect To My Passions

…(going through this process with Samia) I feel protected…it helped me to connect to my passions in life…and it doesn’t go away.

– Hila Parks
Happiness 101 Student in Los Angeles, CA

Sessions Are Laser Focused On Helping Me Overcome My Current Challenges

As a current client, I am very drawn to how your sessions are laser focused on helping me overcome my current challenges…I feel you are very nurturing and I always feel like you are there to sincerely help me.

– Dan Isidro
Happiness 101 Student in Los Angeles, CA

Working with Samia is Amazing!

Working with Samia is amazing! Especially in these times we need this. Thank you Samia for this opportunity to connect & learn :)!

– Tom Earl
Founder of T.H.E. Celebration Academy, Participant of the ‘How To Change The World With Love Workshop’

Samia Really Cares About You and Your Journey Towards a Better and Happier You.

…Samia is a ball of sunshine radiating positive energy and you can feel her upbeat warmth and kindness miles away. Samia really cares about you and your journey towards a better and happier you. She wants to see you succeed and transform into the leader you’re meant to be. Her heart is passionate about transformative action and she’s equally passionate about helping you.

– Natasha Fong
ChangeMaker & Student of the Transformative Action Class

This Class … Will Help Me Succeed In All Aspects of My Life.

Thank you for introducing me to the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and for providing the opportunity for learning more about it in a more academically structured environment. Our first session yesterday was helpful in ways I could not have imagined and got me even more excited for upcoming classes. I love how this class has an aspect of personal development, creating an effective and long lasting social change.

It validated many of my own values and approaches towards life. And learning about all the case studies of truly successful ChangeMakers is just that much more exciting and makes me believe that this is exactly what I needed personally and professionally. I truly believe that this class will help me get pass the last block in my mind that hinders me from reaching my full potential and will help me succeed in all aspects of my life.

So excited and looking forward to our upcoming sessions!

– Sonia Moosani
ChangeMaker & Student of the Transformative Action Class

One-Of-A-Kind Experience!

One-of-a-kind experience! Step by step, Samia guided me through a surprising and unexpectedly accurate account of my heart’s true desires. I was completely supported every moment of the way. After feeling lost and depressed for several months, I was able to connect with what I truly want for my life and received specific, fun and doable steps to start living again. This is the most gentle and fun program to find meaning in your life, especially after a life transition or loss. It really works and worth every penny!

– Catherine Rosa
Graduate of Samia’s ‘Discover Your Purpose’ Class