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Samia Bano

Samia Bano is the Transformation Guru and CEO of AcademyOfThriving.com, a transformative educational institution dedicated to helping Changemakers make change fun and easy.

Samia’s expertise as a Transformation Guru are grounded in her academic training and hard won life wisdom. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Samia began her quest for inner peace and positive change when she was merely 8 years old. After more than 20 years of struggle, Samia successfully eliminated suffering from her life, and learned how to take control of her happiness. She now leads a thriving life, full of inner peace, purpose, and prosperity.

The key to Samia’s success lies in her learning to create change with love, such that change also becomes fun and easy :). Here is what just one of her clients had to say after going through a Discover Your Purpose session with her:

“One-of-a-kind experience! Step by step, Samia guided me through a surprising and unexpectedly accurate account of my heart’s true desires. I was completely supported every moment of the way. After feeling lost and depressed for several months, I was able to connect with what I truly want for my life and received specific, fun and doable steps to start living again. This is the most gentle and fun program to find meaning in your life, especially after a life transition or loss. It really works and worth every penny!”
— Catherine Rosa, Los Angeles

Her clients have also described Samia as a ball of sunshine radiating positive energy, super interactive, fun and engaging. Samia’s clients say they feel protected, are able to connect to their passions in life, and experience a deep sense of peace as they work with her.

One of the most important lessons Samia learned in her journey of transformation from a victim to survivor to thriver is that we are all interconnected, interdependent parts of a whole. As such, we cannot achieve healing and peace for ourselves in isolation or at the expense of others. Indeed, we heal ourselves by healing others.

This understanding also grounds Samia’s commitment to oneness and peace. And it gave birth to her life mission – make it possible for all people to live with unconditional love for all people.

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Learn more about Samia’s involvement with Peace Over Violence here: https://www.peaceoverviolence.org/updates-impact/2021/8/26/where-are-they-now-samia-bano

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